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Email set up

Mail Server Settings

To set up your e-mail on our server use the following settings:

Email Address: you@yourdomain.co.za

Incoming (POP) server: mail.yourdomain.co.za

Outgoing (SMTP) server: smtp.your-domain.com

Account / User Name: you@yourdomain.co.za

SMTP Authentication: On (same Username as POP)

SMTP Port: 587


SMTP authentication to ensure that all outgoing email is sent from an authenticated source. This forces users to enter a username and password when sending out email via our servers. Using SMTP authentication in conjunction with a strong password will reduce the risk of ‘spammers’ hi-jacking your email address to send out spam emails that could lead to domain blacklisting.

Will this reduce the spam that I receive in my mailbox?

Unfortunately, it will not. This measure only prevents non users from impersonating you or sending spam through our servers. This helps to improve your security and also reduces spam for everyone, thereby ensuring that our servers will not be abused.

E-mail set up step by step:

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